Fast, efficient shipping at reasonable prices (when shipping is charged) is important to our customers and to us. Information about our shipping practices and policies is listed below.


If your product is in-stock in our warehouse, your order will be shipped within 48 hours. 

Orders shipped from the manufacturer or factory generally ship within 48 hours, unless back ordered. We will contact you in case the items turn out to be back ordered at the manufacturer. Some items will indicated a 2-3 or 4-5 day handling period. Once shipped, please allow 5-7 working days for delivery. International shipments will usually be delivered 3-14 days from the day the item is shipped.


Orders are not binding upon Seller until accepted by the Seller. Seller reserves the right to refuse acceptance of Orders from anyone. Seller will indicate its acceptance of an order by issuing an invoice or by shipping the ordered product to Purchaser.
All shipments are made as FOB of Seller’s shipping point unless otherwise specified.  In the absence of specific instructions by Purchaser, Seller selects the carrier. Quoted delivery date or ship period are approximate and not binding.
Orders requiring deposit will be notified to Purchaser on payment terms to secure shipment. In cases of force delays (e.g. acts of war, accidents, transport disruptions, strikes, lockouts, etc.) and in cases of labor, energy, or raw material shortage or governmental orders, Seller shall, without liability for damages, be released from the obligation to meet delivery dates. 
In the event of such delay or threatened delay, Seller shall immediately give notice to Buyer and Buyer may, at its option, either excuse such delivery/performance of services or cancel such purchase order in whole or in part. Buyer shall pay the prices specified in the purchase order for any goods completed prior to the effective date of such cancellation and delivered to Buyer in conformance with these Terms and Conditions. 
  1. Delivery dates are estimates, unless a fixed date for the transactions has been expressly agreed in writing. Delivery periods are given under the reservation that the Purchaser meets his contractual duties of cooperation.
  2. In the event, that, nevertheless, agreed delivery dates are not observed for reasons for which we are responsible, the Purchaser may withdraw from the contract after a period of grace of no less than 15 business days set by the Purchaser has expired fruitlessly. Withdrawal must be by written notice. Deliveries on Weekends are possible only upon special agreement and for an extra charge.
  3. We will be in default only upon the expiration of a reasonable grace period of no less than 15 business days set by the Purchaser. In cases of force majeure and other unforeseeable, extraordinary circumstances for which we are not responsible, for example operational troubles and interruptions due to fire, water, or similar events, failures of production facilities and machines, late delivery, or delivery shortfalls on the part of our suppliers, and interruptions in operation due to a shortage in raw materials, energy or labour, strike, lockout, difficulties in the procurement of transportation means, disruptions or obstructions in traffic, or official intervention, we are – to the extent that the named circumstances prevent us from a timely performance of our obligations –  entitled to postpone the performance of the delivery and/or service for the term of the obstruction plus a reasonable start-up time. If, consequently, the performance of the delivery or service is delayed for more than one month, both we and the Purchaser are entitled to withdraw from the contract by written notice in respect of the quantities affected by the delay in delivery, excluding any damages claims.
  4. In each individual case of default, our obligation to pay damages is limited.
  5. We are entitled to perform partial delivery and partial services within the agreed delivery and performance periods if reasonable to the Purchaser.
  6. Observance of our delivery and performance obligations is subject to the due and proper performance of the Purchaser’s obligations. We reserve the right to plea non-fulfilment of the contract.   
  7. Costs claimed for downtimes or manipulation will be reimbursed only if legitimate and agreed upon, and only to the amount of the freight costs of the deliveries concerned.
  8. In the case that the Purchaser is in default with calling, accepting, or collecting the goods or services, or if the Purchaser is responsible for a delay of the shipment or the service of the goods, we are entitled without prejudice to any other claims, to demand payment of a flat-rate in the amount of the usual local storage charges, regardless of whether the goods are stored in our facilities or those of a third party. The Purchaser bears the burden of proof of lower or no damage.
  9. Shipment is at the risk of the Purchaser on principle, i.e. even if even if free shipping is applied or the seller has paid for the shipping. We are under no obligation whatsoever to insure the goods. If the buyer is in default with acceptance or in arrears, the risk of accidental loss or deterioration of the goods passes to him. The same applies in the case of a violation of other obligations to cooperate. In the event that we perform any loading and/or discharging under individual contractual provisions, such services shall be performed under the General Freight Handling and Transportation Regulations (ADSp) of the forwarder or carrier that apply to the respective shipment or transport. Claims for damages may be raised against us only in cases of gross culpability (wilful intent, gross negligence).
  10. If a form of packaging other than the standard form of packaging is used upon the Purchaser’s request, it shall be billed at cost price.
  11. Any self-discharging by truck or crane is at the Purchaser’s risk.


Purchaser agrees that any product that are returned will be handled in accordance with, and shall be subject to, Seller’s Return Policy. Exchange is optional based on product availability. Purchaser must contact Seller for approval prior to arrangement of return or exchange.


Free Shipping Territory: Free shipping applies in the United Kingdom. Shipping quotes can be provided by our sales staff.
Residential Deliveries: Residential deliveries are deliveries that are made to non-commercial addresses, regardless of the presence of a company name at that address.  

Free shipping items delivered to residential address may incur a delivery charges (most items will incur a shipping charge even to a commercial address if shipping outside the U.K.)